Affiliate Program

Become a Hispanic Latino News and Events Network affiliate today. Its real easy!

We love our affiliates and you’ll love earning extra money!

What we offer:

Registered users can advertise in Hispanic Latino News and Events by adding a Profile in any of the following categories:

  1. Business and Professional Directories,
  2. Places To Eat,
  3. Places Of Entertainment,
  4. Places of Interest,
  5. Shopping Directory,
  6. Real Estate and
  7. Add Events

With the exception of the profiles in the Business and Professional Directory all profiles are priced @ $30.00. Business and Professional Directory Profiles have a special introductory monthly price of $10.00.

Your “job”, as an affiliate, will consist of adding profiles in the above Directories (profiles you can easily import from Facebook or Yelp through our Social Importer) and sending the profile to the owner who can approve the profile and purchase it. Our Profiles have a “Send Feature” built-in to email the profiles. Profiles you create will have your name.  It’s really this simple. Profiles are live for 7 days on the site for the owner to see and review. You can start with people you know and build from there.

  • Q: How much money can I make?
  • A: We offer a very competitive commission rate — the more you promote our Directories and Upcoming Events, the more money you can earn!
  • A: We pay our Affiliates 50% on all Profiles with a $30 monthly price and 50% on all Business and Professional Directory Profiles.
  • So, one Place To Eat profile priced @ $30 monthly will pay you $15.00 monthly for as long as the Profile is active and paid. A residual payment of $15.00 monthly! 10 profiles will pay $150.00. Add 10 more for another $150.00 on top of the first $150.00 will equal $300.00 monthly-every month! Keep creating profiles and adding events and you could be making $1,000.00 per month in 3-4 months! Some real nice “extra money” in your pockets! We pay our Affiliates quarterly through PayPal.
  • Q: How long does it take to get started?
  • A: Minutes!- Simply Register, Read Our “Add a Profile” page and jump into action by creating a Profile, your own profile or the profile of someone you know-a Professional, a Place To Eat, a Place of Entertainment, a Place To Shop, a Place of Interest, a Tour, a Real Estate Listing or Upcoming Event. Just  make sure you add your name to the Profile under Affiliate Name before you publish it. Also remember the Profile has to be claimed within 7 days-you need to email right after its published. Any questions, email us @

All affiliates need to agree to our User Agreement. By proceeding to create profiles or events in Hispanic Latino News and Events in its City Directories you agree to our User Agreement and to the above stated compensation. [social_warfare]