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The singer and songwriter is among the nominees for the 2017 Songwriters Hall of Fame. Other musicians that are nominated include Jay Z, George Michael, Madonna, Bryan Adams, Babyface, Max Martin and more. Eligible members can vote until Dec. 16 for three non-performing songwriters and two performing songwriters. Five songwriters and songwriting groups will be inducted on June 15, 2017. 


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Las Vegas

Jamie Foxx, Kourtney Kardashian, Drake and more walk the red carpet and attend JEWEL Nightclub’s Grand Opening.

JEWEL Nightclub, located inside ARIA Resort & Casino, made its highly anticipated debut as it opened its doors to the public for the first time on Thursday, May 19. The four-day celebratory affair included world-renowned artists and celebrities while showcasing the standout venue.

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Los Angeles


New York


Houston is on track to unseat Chicago as the third-most-populous city in the nation.

This projected change comes thanks to Houston's low tax and unemployment rates, as well as its booming energy industry -- according to its mayor, Houston purchases the most renewable energy in the country. All of this combines to give Houston one of the highest growth rates in the country, whereas Chicago's population grew by a whopping 82 people last year. Not 82…

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San Francisco

Faced with the exorbitant rising costs of Bay Area living, Priya Govindarajan and Ajay Patel pack up their apartment in San Francisco, Calif., Thursday afternoon, June 9, 2016, preparing for their move to North Carolina. (Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group)

A growing number of Bay Area residents -- besieged by home prices, worsening traffic, high taxes and a generally more expensive cost of living -- believe life would be better just about anywhere else but here.

By George Avalos,

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Puerto Rico

Seeking to Shrink the Government

Proposed Fiscal plan would reduce the government agencies and corporations.

Alejandro García Padilla affirms that Puerto Rico cannot continue down the path of austerity. (Archivo/GFR)

The plan proposed by García Padilla would mean savings of $10.439 billion over a 10-year period.

The number of agencies would be reduced from the current 114 to 66, which would entail $41 million in savings. Cruz Batista said that an additional $120 million would be saved from rent payments and by simplifying government purchases and assets processes, among other adjustments.

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The Obama administration Friday issued what could be its final set of regulations designed to exchange business and trade between the United States and Cuba.

The new rules allow Cubans and Americans to engage in joint medical research and lifts monetary limits on the amount of Cuban products Americans can bring back in their luggage for personal use. Currently the limit is $400, which included a combined $100 of alcohol and tobacco products. Now U.S. travelers can bring back as many cigars and bottles of rum as they like – as long as they are for personal use and they pay the duties and taxes that would normally apply.

There will no longer be monetary limits on such products purchased in third countries that come into…

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Republica Dominicana

La oferta habitacional hotelera de la República Dominicana ha ascendido a 72,721 hasta septiembre 2016 de acuerdo a la información obtenida por Infotur Dominicano, haciendo la salvedad que no todos las instalaciones hoteleras del país, están registradas en la Asociación de Hoteles y Turismo (Asonahores).

Además en la actualidad se encuentran en diferentes etapas de construcción alrededor de 4,600 habitaciones que entrarán en operación en este año y el próximo, por lo que el país estaría ofreciendo más de 78 mil habitaciones hoteleras, la mayoría de ellas pertenecientes a hoteles bajo la modalidad del todo incluido.…

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CIUDAD DE MEXICO-The Associated Press
Una mujer que fue encontrada estrangulada al lado de un camino cerca de la ciudad sureña de Mérida fue identificada como la fotógrafa canadiense Barbara McClatchie, informó la procuraduría del estado mexicano de Yucatán.

El cuerpo de la mujer de 74 años fue hallado el viernes en la madrugada a un costado de una carretera entre Mérida y Cancún, señaló la procuraduría en un comunicado. Posteriormente, la dependencia confirmó que el cuerpo era el de McClatchie y que su muerte está siendo investigada.

De acuerdo a su cibersitio, su trabajo había aparecido en la prestigiosa revista National Geographic. McClatchie apoyaba a una galería sin fines de lucro en Mérida, de nombre La'kech.

En Mérida viven muchos expatriados y extranjeros, y en gran medida no ha sido presa de la violencia que azota a muchas partes del…

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Central & South America


The monument has been part of Barcelona’s skyline since 1888. Photograph: Artem Dunaev/Getty Images/EyeEm

A group of anti-capitalist councillors in Barcelona are hoping to topple the statue of Christopher Columbus that has stood at the foot of La Rambla for more than a century, arguing that the city should not be celebrating the explorer’s colonial legacy.

The 197ft (60-metre) high memorial, topped with a bronze statue of the Genoan pointing out to sea, has been part of Barcelona’s skyline since 1888. Its base pays homage to Columbus’s colleagues and his patrons, King Ferdinand and…

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